How to get the syllabus of the BSc in math at Allahabad University?

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Sumona Pathak

B.Sc 1st Year Mathematics Syllabus of Allahabad University


  • Differential calculus
  • Geometrical application of differential calculus
  • Asymptotes
  • Integral Calculus
  • Multiple Integrals

Probability & StatisticsTopics

  • Probability and theoretical distributions 
  • Transformation of a random variable 
  • Testing of hypothesis 
  • Correlation and regression 
  • Statistical quality control 

Analytical Solid GeometryTopics

  • Analytical geometry of two dimensions 
  • Analytical geometry of three dimensions 
  • Central coincides 
  • Paraboloids 
  • Transformation of rectangular axes

Differential EquationsTopics

  • Solving ordinary differential calculus 
  • Differential equations with constant coefficients 
  • Formation and solving PDE 
  • Homogenous linear differential equations 
  • Laplace transforms

B.Sc 2nd Year Mathematics Syllabus of Allahabad University

Real AnalysisTopics

  • Sets and Functions
  • Real-valued functions
  • Equivalence, Countability
  • Real Numbers
  • Least upper bounds

Abstract AlgebraTopics

  • Preliminaries
  • Group and commutative group
  • Definition of subgroup and examples
  • Definition of a cyclic group
  • Permutation


  • Friction
  • Common catenary
  • Impact
  • Virtual work
  • Moment of force

Linear AlgebraTopics

  • Vector spaces 
  • Inner product spaces
  • Linear transformations
  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

B.Sc 3rd Year Mathematics Syllabus of Allahabad University

Discrete MathematicsTopics

  • Relations
  • Division algorithm
  • Logic
  • Graph theory

Linear Programming & Its ApplicationsTopics

  • Under programming problem
  • Problem formulation
  • Types of solutions
  • Linear programming in matrix notation

Complex AnalysisTopics

  • Analytical function
  • Transformation
  • Contour integral
  • Taylor and Laurent's theorem
  • Evaluation of Integral

Numerical AnalysisTopics

  • The direct and iterative method
  • Numerical differentiation and integration
  • Polynomial approximation
  • Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
  • Numerical solution of partial differential methods

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