Which are the best IB Schools in Lucknow?

Asked: Deepak Jha


Kumkum, Lives in Lucknow

Best IB Schools in Lucknow -

I'm living in Lucknow from the last 11 years, I'm working as a teacher in a private school. We all parents can feel how the world is changing very rapidly and every parent wants the best education for their child. I have been various cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and my relative are also living in such cities. It's a wrong thing to compare our child from another child because every child has different interests and capabilities but few things we can notice like confidence, general information, the way of communicating, self-confidence, etc. As I'm living in Lucknow, I can say our children are not bad in subjects ever they are better than those who are studying in top IB schools in other good cities. Our children are only a few steps below in extra things which I discussed earlier. Let's talk about IB Schools in Lucknow, In my opinion, there are no good IB Schools in Lucknow, instead of IB Schools, There are too many good national schools in Lucknow. If someone still wants IB Schools in Lucknow then he can prefer below schools.

Best IB Schools in Lucknow

Amity International School

It has 3 branches in




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Ankush Singh

IB Schools in Lucknow
No doubt, Amity International School is the best IB Schools in Lucknow. I think there are only a few IB Schools in Lucknow. I don't know about other IB Schools in Lucknow but I know about Amity International School and it is the best in Lucknow.

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