Is there scope of python in India?

Updated By: Vipin Mishra | 09 January 2020


Arjun Singh

09 January 2020

Scope of python in India

As we know India is known for its IT industry, it has a huge IT industry after the USA.  India has 14+ Lac Cr INR IT industry and day by day it is growing very fastly. If we talk about the scope of python in India, then absolutely learning python is worth in India, but before choosing python for your future career you should know the scope and use of python. Here I'm going to discuss all these things so that you can take the proper decisions.

Python is widely used in

  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis/Visualization
  • Game Development
  • Desktop Applications
  • Embedded Applications

In the future Data Science, Machine Learning, AI has a great future, these all are/will be demanding areas of the IT industry, so we can say that learning python has a great scope in India, and it has worth.

Python has demand because

  • It is easy to code and writes
  • Open-source and availability
  • It has a huge standard library
  • It is a cross-platform language
  • It has a rich and supportive community

Companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, Yahoo, NASA, TCS, Amazon widely use python in various sectors. In top products like YouTube, Bit Torrent, Instagram, Dropbox, Disqus, Quora, etc. python has used widely. 

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