What is Whatsapp Business API?

Updated By: Madan Keshri | 21 December 2019


Babita Yadav

21 December 2019

WhatsApp Business API

According to whats App API, if you are a seller then start your medium and large businesses on whats App app. The WhatsApp Business API create your powerfull communication with customers all over the world, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

Want to go to the market with WhatsApp Business API? Partner with one of our global business solution providers who are messaging experts in enterprise business to customer communications.

How to create WhatsApp Business API?

Go on the WhatsApp Business API sites and create an account for your Business. It is very flexible just visit on sites OR below mentioned link too; I just try to give a direct link for more comfortability:


WhatsApp Business API is free to download apps and built with the small business owner in mind. Create a catalog to showcase your products and services and connect with your customers easily by using tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

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