Where I can watch Turkish dramas in Hindi and Urdu dubbed

Turkish TV Series & Drama | Dubbed in Hindi & Urdu

The Turkish television entertainment industry has significantly contributed to the growing popularity of shows in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa. Istanbul has become a primary hub for Turkish series and film production, with television companies choosing to establish themselves there following the liberalization of private television in the 1990s.

Worldwide people love to watch Turkish television drama series in various languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and African languages. However, for those specifically interested in watching Turkish dramas dubbed in Hindi and Urdu, there is a convenient online platform mentioned below where they can easily access and enjoy these series without any cost.

turkish series drama in hindi

Complete the List of Networks, Watch Turkish Series in Hindi & Urdu

There are many online platforms, ott steamers currently available to watch Turkish series in Hindi as well as Urdu languages.

  1. YOUTUBE - Youtube is a very effective platform to watch Turkish series and dramas in Hindi and Urdu languages. Even there are lots of Turkish TV drama series currently available in the Hindi language on some YouTube channels.
  2. MX Player - If you are Indian as well as you belong to other countries and are interested to watch the Turkish series then MX Player is one of the best platforms to watch it in the Hindi language.
  3. Daily Motion - Many Turkish Series are also available on the Daily Motion site in the Hindi Language
  4. Netflix - Actually, Netflix is a paid platform, they don't provide any Turkish as well as other countries shows, dramas, and movies free of cast

Which Country Entertainment Industry Dubbed in Hindi & Urdu

Mostly Pakistan's entertainment industry is dubbed Turkish television series in Hindi and Urdu. And they properly broadcast Turkish tv series on some television cables such as Urdu1 or other Pakistani broadcast channels in Pakistan & India. Also, upload on the YouTube Channel of "Urdu1" Official YOUTUBE channel.

List of Turkish Series Dubbed in Hindi & Urdu on MX Player & YouTube

Our Story (Hamari Kahani) is one of the popular Turkish television dramas which is currently available on MX Player as well as YouTube in Hindi and Urdu. It is an adaption of the U.K. show Shameless.

  1. Day_Dreamer
  2. The Girl Named Feriha
  3. The Promise
  4. New Bride
  5. Pyar Lafzon Me Kha --- by clicking on the link you can watch it in Hindi
  6. Sawal e Ishq
  7. Umeed Ki Kahani
  8. Emergency Love
  9. Brave and Beautiful
  10. Fatmagul
  11. Ertugrul Ghazi
  12. Armaan
  13. Sunehri Titliya
  14. Sawal e Ishq
  15. Arena Of Kings
  16. Tera Mera Pyar
  17. Alif (On YouTube)
  18. Ishq

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