Who is the father of C language

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Father Of C Programming Language

Dennis Ritchie is known as the father of C programming language, which was developed in 1972 at Bell Laboratories with the name of B Languages. It is an improved version of B Language which was founded in 1970. 

  • 1960 – ALGOL
  • 1967 – BCPL
  • 1970 – B
  • 1972 – C

We can say that the C programming language is a mixture of ALGOL (1960), BCPL (1967), and B Languages (1970) which were founded in different years... now you can learn C language in deep with full tutorials

dennis ritchie father of c biography

Biography & Education of Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie was born Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie on 9th September 1941 in Bronxville, New York, United States. He was an American computer scientist. For higher education, Ritchie joined Harvard University with degrees in physics and applied mathematics and completed his graduation in 1963 after graduating from Summit High School.

According to Wikipedia, Ritchie created the C programming language and was one of the developers of the Unix operating system. Ritchie co-wrote the book The C Programming Language with Brian Kernighan (who is a Canadian computer scientist), which is often referred to as K&R after their initials.

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