How to use figcaption tag in HTML?

By: Simarjit Singh | 16 August 2019


Umash Rana

08 September 2019

Syntax of Figcaption Tag - The <figcaption> tag new tag in HTML5.

<figcaption style="text-aline:center; font-weight:bold;">Fig No. 1 Example of Figcaption tag</figcaption>

Style is not mandatory in <figcaption> tag by default the content of <figcaption> tag show the below of image left-side (means text-alive:left by default). It provides the details of the image. CSS code you can use for flexibility where you want show like - center, left or right.

The <figcaption> tag means it will show the title description of an image or image tag. It is very useful as an SEO purpose on the web page, it helps the browser make first in an SEO.

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Rajnish Kumar

24 October 2019


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