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Lian Lian

Lian Lian (Shumei Lian)

Shumei Lian professionally known as Lian Lian is a Chinese television and film actress and model. She is best recognized for her admirable acting in dramas like We Are One (2020),  Like a Flowing River (2018), etc. She is working in the Chinese entertainment industry for more than the last 18+ years.

This article provides comprehensive details about actress Lian Lian that includes her personal and professional life information. There are many unknown and hidden facts about her that can surprise you. The article also contains the list of the most popular dramas and tv shows list of Lian Lian, you should keep them on your must-watch list.

Lian Lian Biography & Profile

Shumei Lian was born on 24th October 1983 in Dongtai, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China. She debuts her acting career in 2004 with the Chinese movie "Waiting Alone", it was a bit part character. She started her career as a full-time actress in 2008 with a supporting role in the drama "The Queens". She is working under the Chinese talent agency 18 Artists Management.

  • Full Name: Lian Lian
  • Other/Nickname: Lian Shu Mei
  • Date of Birth: October 24, 1983
  • Place of Birth: Dongtai, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Ethnicity: Han Chinese
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation/Profession: Actress & Model
  • Active Year: 2004-present
  • Height: 169 CM
  • Weight: 51 Kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Agency: 18 Artists Management

Top 10 Drama and Tv Shows of Lian Lian 

Lian Lian started her acting career in 2004 and over the years she has done more than 25+ dramas, movies, and tv shows. Lian Lian has done several remarkable dramas and tv shows, the must-watch drama & tv shows are listed below.

  • The Dream And The Glory (2018)
  • We Are One (2020)
  • Tianlun (2016)
  • The Dream And The Glory (2018)
  • Story of Yanxi Palace (2018)
  • Like a Flowing River (2018)
  • Love In The Family (2011)
  • Like A Flowing River 2 (2020)
  • Good Life (2021)
  • Royal Feast (2022)

Lian Lian Upcoming Drama and Tv Shows

Lian Lian is an experienced actress, over the years her hard work has established her as a well-recognized actress in the Chinese entertainment industry. She has many projects in her hand, Lian Lian's upcoming drama and tv shows are listed below.

Lian Lian Awards & Nominations

There is no information available about the awards and nominations received by Lian Lian. In the future, we will mention authentic information about the awards and nominations.

Lian Lian Education (Qualification)

Lian Shu Mei was born and raised in Yancheng city, China. She did her earlier education in her home city although she never mentioned her schooling details. After completing high school, she attended Beijing Film Academy where she graduated from the Acting Department.

  • School: Unknown
  • College: Unknown
  • University: Beijing Film Academy
  • Department:  Acting Department
  • Degree: Graduate in Acting

Lian Lian Family

There is no information available about the family of actress Lian Lian, soon we will mention the full details about her family.

  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Brother: Unknown
  • Sister:  Unknown

Lian Lian Current Net Worth

She is a talented and experienced actress, she has done more than 25+ dramas and tv shows. Working as a full-time actress is the primary resource of her earnings. She also has added good wealth to her net worth from commercials, modeling, and event hosting.

Lian Lian has never disclosed any information about her net worth in the public domain although according to unofficial resources her current net worth is estimated somewhere around $1.2 million to $3 million. 

Lian Lian Business

This section contains details about Lian Lian's other business or her upcoming future business rather than being a professional actress and model. For the time being there is no information available about her other business, we will update this section very soon with authentic information.

Lian Lian Facts, Hobbies & LifeStyle

This section contains all interesting and unknown facts about the actress Lian Lian. It also contains her hobbies, car, house, and her lifestyle. Let's see the unknown facts about her.

  • She is also known by the name of Lian Shu Mei.
  • She was born in Yancheng city, China.
  • After completing high school she moved to Beijing.
  • She attended Beijing Film Academy.
  • She graduated from the Acting Department.
  • Lian Lian is also good at Hosting.
  • She has good piano playing skills.
  • She is working under the talent agency 18 Artists Management.
  • There is no information available about her house and car.

Lian Lian Languages

Lian Lian can speak and understand several languages, Mandarin is her primary and official language although she can speak and understand several other languages. She is also proficient in the English language, she learned English by attending some special classes.

Rather than above mentioned two languages she also carries a little bit of understanding of Japanese and Korean languages however it is not sure how proficient she is in these languages.

Lian Lian Boyfriend

There is no information about Lian Lian's past relationships and boyfriend, her dating information is also not available.

Lian Lian Boyfriend

Lian Lian Husband & Kids

Lian Lian does not like to share any personal information about her relationship, husband, and kids in the public domain so nothing is known about her personal life.

  • Husband: Unknown
  • Kids: Unknown

Lian Lian Social Media

Lian Lian does not like to be very active on social media, her social media accounts are mentioned below.

  • Weibo
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Lian Lian News, Updates, and Controversy

This section contains the latest updates and news about the actress Lian Lian. She does not like to be in news, Lian very well knows how to keep herself away from controversies so for the time being there are no recent news and controversies found. If there is any new update related to her we will mention that below here.

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