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1770 | Movie

1770 is an upcoming South Indian historical epic movie inspired by the famous Indian novel Anandmath. The movie is based on true events during the British occupation of India, it shows how Indian Hindu monks stand against British atrocities and fought for the freedom of their country.

The lead character of the film will be inspired by the character of a great Indian monk and freedom fighter Pandit Bhabani Charan Pathak who fought with the British army Muslim investors during the 1770s and sacrifices his life in 1791 during the battle of Gobindganj.

1770 is written by the popular scriptwriter V. Vijayendra Prasad, who also wrote the story of blockbuster movies like RRR and Baahubali. The film 1770 is directed by Ashwin Gangaraju who assisted the legendary director S. S. Rajamouli during the making of the Bahubali movie.

This article consists of full details about the 1770 movies including the full cast list, creators list, release date, movie budget, filming locations, box office collection, and all other latest updates and news about the movie.

1770 [Movie] Profile

  • Movie Name: 1770
  • Country: India
  • Running Time: Not Disclosed Yet
  • Original Language: Telgu
  • Dubbed Languages: Hindi, Tamil, English, etc.
  • Genres: History, Epic, Action
  • Sub Titles: Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Urdu & More

1770 Synopsis, Story & Plot

This is the story of that time's India which was the most prosperous, developed, and peaceful Hindu country in the world. The prosperity of India was attracting foreign invaders, mainly Muslim invaders & Britishers were the main ones who attacked India for looting purposes.

On one side they were looting the prosperity of India and another hand they were brutally torturing and killing innocent Indians they wanted to completely destroy the civilization of India which is the world's oldest civilization. The atrocity of Indians by the invaders and the British army was increasing day by day, in such circumstances during 1769-1770 Bengal (Current Indian State and Bangladesh) faced severe famine. The invaders imposed a heavy tax on Indians, due to famine Indians were not able to pay the taxes which triggered more horrifying atrocities by the invaders that broke people from inside.

By watching the brutal atrocities of invaders on the broken and scattered community a group of Indian Hindu monks stands against the invaders and fights with them. The film is based on these monks rebelling against invaders in which the character of main lead of the movie is inspired by the great Indian monk Pandit Bhabani Charan Pathak who fought against the British army and sacrificed his life during the battle of Gobindaganj on June 16, 1791.

1770 Creator List

The movie is materialized under the supervision of a famous Indian director Ashwin Gangaraju, the story is written by a legendary screenwriter  V. Vijayendra Prasad who also wrote the script of the blockbuster movies Baahubali and RRR. The creator's list of 1770 is mentioned below.

  • Director: Ashwin Gangaraju
  • Screenwriter: V. Vijayendra Prasad
  • Producer: Shailendra Kumar, Suraj Sharma
  • Co-Producer: Sujay Kutty, B Krishna Kumar

1770 Full Cast List

1770 is a big-budget movie, and the makers of the movie are ready to expend a huge amount on the star cast list. There are many options for makers of the movie in the past who have proved themselves for this kind of movie mainly Prabhas, Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Naveen Kumar Gowda (YESH), and Allu Arjun are at the top in the selection list.

The filming of 1770 is scheduled to be on the floor after Diwali 2022, here you will get an authentic and finalized cast list that includes the lead characters as well as the supporting character. The official announcement of finalized cast list will be announced on the day of Diwali 2022, We will update the full cast list after the official announcement of the cast.

1770 Full Cast List

1770 Budget and Collection

Like Baahubali, RRR, KGF movies 1770 is also going to be one of the big budget movies in India. In this section, you will get full information about the eject budget and collection of the movies, as of now there is no official information available about the budget movie but is expected to be somewhere between INR 200 Cr to 300 Cr. 

In this section, you also find the full details about the collection of 1770 once it gets released, here you get day-wise, week-wise, and lifetime collection information.

1770 Shooting Location

The filming of 1770 is not started yet, the discussion on the script, cast selection, and shooting location selection is in the initial phase. Once the final decision comes out, we will mention the full details about the filming locations of the movie but for the time being, there is no official information available about the filming locations of the movie.

Controversy Related to Movie 1770

The selection of the script has been finalized by the makers but other planning related to filming and production is in its initial phase so as of now there is no controversy related to the movie but in the future, if any controversy arises we will mention it here.

Recent Updates & News About Movie 1770

  • On 17th Aug 2022, filmmaker Ashwin Gangaraju announced the movie 1770 by releasing its motion picture.
  • The planning and cast selection are under process.
  • The final cast list will be announced on 24th October 2022 during the great Indian festival Diwali.

1770 Release Date

The filming of 1770 is not started yet, the planning of filming, cast selection, budget, and other important things are in their initial phase. According to unofficial resources, the movie will be released in starting of August month 2023. The eject final release date is expected to be announced on 24th October 2022 by the director of the movie.

How to Watch Movie 1770 Online

The movie is not released yet, the movie will be released on the big screen in several languages, and you can experience the amazing effects in movie halls.

If you are looking to watch the movie on online streaming platforms then you can check this section later where the movie gets released, here we will mention how you can watch with the paid, trial, or free subscriptions.

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