How to use CSS font family in HTML webpage?

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Use CSS font family in HTML webpage

Using CSS font families is very common when we design a web page with some headings and paragraphs. The CSS font family helps to make your font look more comfortable according to your requirements.

If you are looking for how you can use a font family by CSS then here is the syntax example, just use a font family by giving this syntax:

{font-family: Arial, sans-serif;}

List of Font Families Used in CSS

sans-serif, fonts family in CSS

  • Arial, sans-serif
  • Helvetica, sans-serif
  • Verdana, sans-serif
  • Trebuchet MS, sans-serif
  • Gill Sans, sans-serif
  • Noto Sans, sans-serif
  • Avantgarde, TeX Gyre Adventor, URW Gothic L, sans-serif
  • Optima, sans-serif
  • Arial Narrow, sans-serif
  • sans-serif

serif, fonts family in CSS

The most frequently used font families in CSS when we designing a text, always looks very normal font with serifs.

  • Times, Times New Roman, serif
  • Didot, serif
  • Georgia, serif
  • Palatino, URW Palladio L, serif
  • Bookman, URW Bookman L, serif
  • New Century Schoolbook, TeX Gyre Schola, serif
  • American Typewriter, serif
  • serif

monospace, fonts family in CSS

When you are using  "monospace" font families that means you are fixing the width in your text that is the specialty of "monospace" font families.

  • Andale Mono, monospace
  • Courier New, monospace
  • Courier, monospace
  • FreeMono, monospace
  • OCR A Std, monospace
  • DejaVu Sans Mono, monospace
  • monospace

cursive, fonts family in CSS

If you want your font to look like a handwritten font then use "cursive" font families.

  • Comic Sans MS, Comic Sans, cursive
  • Apple Chancery, cursive
  • Bradley Hand, cursive
  • Brush Script MT, Brush Script Std, cursive
  • Snell Roundhand, cursive
  • URW Chancery L, cursive
  • cursive

fantasy, fonts family in CSS

fantasy is completely cleared out by the name of family. It is a decorative font family for that too when you want a styled font with additional properties such as bold, rounded, etc.

  • Impact, fantasy
  • Luminari, fantasy
  • Chalkduster, fantasy
  • Jazz LET, fantasy
  • Blippo, fantasy
  • Stencil Std, fantasy
  • Marker Felt, fantasy
  • Trattatello, fantasy
  • fantasy

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