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What is the CSS in HTML?

By: Savi Sharma | 30 April 2019


Suhana Gupta

23 February 2020

CSS - The CSS basically, full form OR stands for "Cascading Style Sheets"; it is used to describes the HTML elements look like on the web page and how the HTML elements are to be displayed on the screen, paper OR another media.

HTML - The HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language"; HTML is an stander markup language for web page.

Use of CSS in HTML 

CSS used to give an effective and attractive design of HTML elements. If we are using only HTML code to design a web page then it's not more attractive BUT when to apply some CSS properties on HTML elements then it's looking good and more flexible.

For Example of CSS in HTML 

<p>This is the 1st Paragraph</p> // p element look normal 

OUTPUT - This is the 1st Paragraph

Supposed; Apply some CSS properties on <p> Element: 

p {

   color: red;

   font-family: italic;


Example with CSS Properties

<p>This is the 2nd Paragraph</p> // p element look like with CSS properties

OUTPUT - This is the 2nd Paragraph

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