What is the purpose of HTML element?

By: Hemanga Saikia | 15 July 2019


Viktam Thakur

27 April 2020


An HTML [Hypertext Markup Language] elements are a type of HTML Document Component, one of several types of HTML nodes including Text Nodes, Comment Nodes, and other nodes. We can say that HTML elements are a set of tags and attributes that define different parts of web documents and inform web browsers how to display them. 

An HTML document is a text file that contains the tag-based information to publish. It also contains embedded instructions called “Elements”. For generally understood, the position of an element is indicated as spanning from a start tag, possibly including some child content, and is terminated by an end tag.

Syntax Of HTML Elements:

An HTML element usually consists of a start_tag and an end_tag, with the content inserted in between start_tag and end_tag, for more understanding see below-mentioned syntax -

<start_tage>Content Goes Here...</end_tag>

Types of HTML Elements:

  • Nested HTML Elements
  • Empty HTML Elements [<br />, <hr />, etc...]

Nested HTML Elements Example:



    <title> Define page title </title>

    <meta /> // meta tag



    <h2> Heading tag element  </h2> <br />

    <p> Paragraph tag element </p>



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