When Dholera project was started?

Updated By: Nikhil Singh | 11 July 2019


Kapil Singh

11 June 2020

Dholera SIR Started Time

Dholera SIR is India's first greenfield smart city project. Dholera city is one of the dream projects of honorable great Indian prime Narendra Modi. Dholera smart city is being developed in PM Modi's home state Gujrat. PM Modi dreamed of this project when they were the chief minister of Gujrat. Dholera city is 4 times bigger than Singapore city. 

The project initial phase was started in early 2010 and it has 30 years of the timeline. As I'm typing this answer on 11th June 2020 and the project is under construction. There are many construction works that have been completed, major roads have been built, it is expected to make the city operational till 2023-24 but in completion, it will take time and expected to be complete till 2030-35.

I hope your curiosity about the Dholera project starts and the completion timeline will be satisfied with my answer. 

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