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Aglaya Tarasova | American Actor Bio

Aglaya Tarasova was born on 18 April 1994 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Her father "Victor Tarasov" is a businessman, and her mother "Kseniya Rappoport" was an actress.

Aglaya Tarasova started her acting career in 2010 with the short film "9 May. Personal Relationship" in the role of Dasha. She was a winner of the Golden Eagle Award (2019) for the best female role in the movie Ice (2018). And since then she is active and did many projects.

Basic Profile Details of Aglaya Tarasova

  1. Full Name: Aglaya Tarasova
  2. Date of Birth: 18 April 1994
  3. Birthplace: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  4. Nationality: Russian
  5. Gender: Female
  6. Occupation: Actress (Television & Film)
  7. Years active: 2010–present
  8. Noble Work: Ice, Happiness Is... Part 2, The Execution
  9. Parent: Victor Tarasov (her father), Kseniya Rappoport (her mother)

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