How many languages does Benedict Wong can speak?

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Benedict Wong Languages

Benedict Wong Languages

Benedict Wong is a British actor, he has done more than 40+ movies and tv shows. He has the part of many remarkable movies such as Doctor Strange, Shang-Chi, Marco Polo, Gemini Man, etc.

Benedict Wong is a versatile and talented actor, he has knowledge of several languages although English is his primary and official language. He uses English for his official work, writing, and general communication.

Since Benedict Wong's parents were Hong Kong immigrants to the United Kingdom so he got the knowledge of the Mandarin language as a heritage. He uses the Mandarin language to communicate with his family and relatives. On several occasions, he spotted while using the words and phrases of Spanish and French.

Benedict Wong Languages List

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • French

Benedict Wong is proficient and fluent in English and Mandarin languages but it is un-decisive that how fluent he is in other mentioned languages because he officially never disclosed the languages that he can speak and understand, this information has been collected from the analysis of his work, family, interview, and public interactions.

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