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Dunk Natachai Boonprasert

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is professionally known as Natachai Boonprasert, people also called him Dunk Natachai or by his nickname Dunk. He is an emerging actor and model in the Thai entertainment industry. In a very short time span, Natachai Boonprasert established himself as a lead actor in the Thai entertainment industry

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert debuts his career in the Thai entertainment industry in 2018 with a Thai Tv Show named School Rangers as a guest role although he gained his recognization in 2021 from the Thai drama named 'Bad Buddy' as a guest role. In Bad Buddy, his appearance was very small but it was capable to a notable place in the audience's mind.

There are many interesting things to know about Dunk Natachai Boonprasert that probably you have never heard about. Here we are going to disclose the answer to all questions about Natachai Boonprasert that arise in the mind of the audience.

Natachai Boonprasert Biography, Birth Date, Age, Height, and Weight 

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert was born and raised in Thailand, his date of birth is 1 October 2000. From his childhood, Dunk was a talented child and he was very good at studying. During high school, for the first time, he recognized that he is also good at acting so he decided to take a chance in the entertainment industry and he established himself as a lead actor.

  • Full Name: Dunk Natachai Boonprasert
  • Other Name: Natachai Boonprasert, Dunk Natachai
  • Nick Name: Dunk
  • Birth Date: 1 October 2000
  • Birth Place: Thailand
  • Birth Sign: Unknown
  • Profession: Actor
  • Height: 1.85 M
  • Weight: 68 Kg
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Agency: GMMTV

What are the Most Popular Dramas of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Below list is the list of the most popular dramas, movies, and tv shows of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert

  • Bad Buddy (2021)
  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind (2022)
  • Star and Sky: Sky in Your Heart (2022)
  • Safe House 3: Best Bro Secret (2022)
  • Arm Share (2019)

What are the Upcoming Dramas of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

There are no official announcements about the upcoming dramas, movies, and tv shows of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert, According to unofficial resources he is working on more than 3 projects, we will mention the full details after the official announcement, so keep checking updates.

What are the top Awards won by Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is a very young actor and he has just started his acting career, so there are no official mentions of any awards or nominations received by him. He has spectacular acting skills, we can expect several awards and nominations for him in the future when he will do more dramas and tv shows.

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert Education

What is the Educational Qualification of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Since his childhood, he is a bright student and has had great marks in several examinations. has made the most out of his learning throughout 9 years at Heathfield International School. This has shaped his perspective to be an inventor of new digital platforms. He followed his passion for developing computer applications when he got accepted to be a Software Engineering student at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and as of now, he completing his engineering degree in Computer Innovation at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

  • School: Heathfield International School (IGCSEs and AS levels)
  • Education: Engineering Degree in Computer Innovation
  • University: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology

Who are the Parents and Family of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert never disclosed any information about his father, mother, and family. As of now, there is no authentic information publically available about the family and parents of actor Dunk Natachai Boonprasert. We have a close eye on it, once it gets officially public, we will update this section with accurate information.

  • Father Name: Not Disclosed
  • Moher Name: Not Disclosed
  • Brother Name: Not Disclosed
  • Sister Name: Not Disclosed

What is the Current Net Worth of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is an emerging face in the Thai entertainment industry, he has done more than 10+ dramas and tv shows. Working as a full-time professional actor is the primary resource of his earnings. Modeling and commercials advertisement is also a major source of his earnings. Dunk Natachai Boonprasert never disclosed the eject figure of her current net worth, according to some unofficial resources it is assumed that the current net worth of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is somewhere between $100K to $1 million USD.

What is the Lifestyle, Car, and House of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert loves to live his life with freedom and simplicity, he loves technology, gadgets, photography, listening to music, and outing with friends. Dunk Natachai Boonprasert officially never disclosed any information about the car and house that he own. We will update more authentic information about his lifestyle and other luxury items that he owns.

How many Languages can Dunk Natachai Boonprasert Speak?

The Thai Language is the primary and official language of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert, it is his mother language. He learned the Mandarin language from his family and society. Dunk Natachai Boonprasert uses the Thai language in his common communication, writing, singing, official work, social media, etc. 

The English language is his secondary language, he learned the English language during his education, through some special classes as well as from the internet. He has good fluency in the English language too. Rather than Thai and English he also knows a little bit of Korean and Mandarin languages but he is not fluent in these languages.

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert Languages:

  • Thai
  • English
  • Korean
  • Mandarin

Who is the Girlfriend of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

There are several rumors going on about the relationship and girlfriend of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert, but most of them that you have listed are inaccurate or unauthentic information. Our credible sources specified that as of now  Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is not dating anyone and want to focus on only his career. If there is any new update on this topic, in the future we will provide more information about his relationship and girlfriend so keep checking updates.

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert Girlfriend

Who is the Wife of Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is unmarried so he doesn't have a wife, Once he gets married, we will disclose all information including her name and other personal and professional information so keep waiting for our updates.

Is Dunk Natachai Boonprasert have Kids?

No, as of now Dunk Natachai Boonprasert doesn't have any kids, even though he is not married yet.

Is there any Controversy Related to Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert is a versatile actor who very well knows how to manage personal and professional life. Dunk always protects himself to be any kind of ridiculous events so as of now he has never been in controversy. We hope he will not be in any controversy in the future but unfortunately, if any controversy is there related to Dunk Natachai Boonprasert we will mention that here.

What is the Recent News About Dunk Natachai Boonprasert?

Dunk Natachai Boonprasert does not like to be in news without any valuable reason, he spends most of his time shooting drama scenes or studying university course subjects. If there is any necessary news about Dunk Natachai Boonprasert, we will mention that in this section.

As of now, there are no recent updates and news about Dunk Natachai Boonprasert, if there is anything new about her we will update it soon.

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