What is the text editor in Java?

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Text Editor in Java

Java does not provide a specific built-in text editor. However, Java programs can be written and edited using various text editors or integrated development environments (IDEs) that support Java development.

List of Java Text Editors

Here are some popular text editors and IDEs, which are used to write Java programming according to the programmer's requirements.

  1. Eclipse - It is a widely used Java IDE.
  2. IntelliJ IDEA - It is a powerful Java IDE developed by JetBrains
  3. Visual Studio Code - It is a lightweight and extensible text editor.
  4. NetBeans - It is an open-source IDE.
  5. Sublime Text - It is a popular text editor known for its speed and simplicity.
  6. Atom - It is a highly customizable and open-source text editor.
  7. Notepad++ - It is a lightweight text editor for Windows.

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