Which is the best trading platform in India?


Punit Verma

I'm Punit Verma, Yes

Yes, According to my experience, Zerodha is really the best trading platform. I have been using the Zerodha trading platform for the last 3-5 years and I never got disappointed but in the starting, there were some bugs in their trading platform but when they launched the new version of Zerodha Kite, it's a lite version.

All previous bugs have gone, Kite provides the best user experience. The best thing I really like about Zerodha is the clear charges and fixed policy, they never impose any hidden charge, they have given a fixed charge table, and they worked accordingly to their chart. One more thing, their trading layout is too simple in comparison to another trading platform.

I'm sure if you are a biginner or you want to start trade on Zerodha after watching a few Zerodha trading videos on YouTube. I may the wrong because I have used only 3-4 trading platforms but in those, I found Zerodha best. Initial I started with other trading platforms but soon I faced some bad experience with them then latter I tried Zerodha and it was easy and more relevant than others.

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Mukesh Jha

Hey Guys! I'm Mukesh Jha

Actually, I have used Zerodha and Sharekhan for the online trading platforms long time then I found the Zerodha trading platform more easier and flexible in comparison to Sharekhan. Sharekhan is also not bad but according to me Zerodha more comfortable and cost-effective than Sharekhan.

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Ritesh Verma

Zerodha is best, it's user interface is excellent 

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