What are motivational techniques?


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Motivational - In business seeks to describe a relationship between employees motivation and their perception of being treated fairly means that employees seek to ascribe values to their input and output.

Motivational Techniques - Business of practically motivating employees, to perform their best, in the course of managers attempting to perform their managerial function of directing. It has been observed that in most organizations, and particularly in a bureaucracy or government organization, an employee can hold his job without being thrown out by performing at around 35% of his real potential. Motivation can move the employee to work at around 90% and this rang from 35% to 90%, is referred to as "The Area Of Motivation".

1. Money - Money comes to one's mind as an instant motivator, taking a leaf from our daily lives and experience. Money makes things happen faster, right from Tatkal Railway Reservation, Business Class Check-in at Airports, Faster movement of files, better service at a restaurant, etc.

  • Tangible rewards such as payments, promotion.
  • Intangible rewards such as praise or public commendation

2. Participation - Participation is the process during which individuals, groups and organizations are consulted about or have the opportunity to become actively involved in a project of activity. Participation management is the practice of encouraging employees to participate in organizational decision making.

3. Job Enrichment - Job Enrichment can be defined as increasing an employee's responsibility and control over his/her/ work.

  • Provide training so that employee may learn new skills
  • Allow employees to plan their own daily work schedule, they can choose when to work on specific tasks
  • Provide a flexible scheduling option so that employees may choose when the time they start the workday.

4. Quality Of Working Life - Every employee has at least three lives to contend with, his/her domestic or family or personal life, his/her social life.

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Manvi Biswash

Techniques of Motivation

It refers to different methods of motivating employees. Some methods are based on the application of different motivation theories. Types are as follows:

Participation - This activity is involving employees in management decision making and planning activities. Some plans and policies provide a feeling of belonging, recognition, and responsibility. They the result, employees will be motivated for a higher level of performance. 

Behavioral Motivation - It is enhancing employee’s behavior because the changed behavior of employees can motivate themselves towards a higher level of performance. 

Money and Financial Benefits - If the company is provided in terms of pay, incentives, benefits, and other tangible services. This works motivating employees. 

Work Group - Employees are categorized into different work units to fulfill their different societal needs. Then the employees are allowed to work in the group & they discuss the quality/productivity thereby finding out the causes of deficiencies.

Profit-Sharing Plans - Sharing plans is another way of motivating employees by allowing them a certain percentage of profit.

Skill-Based Pay - This method of motivation is concerned with paying employees on the basis of skill held by them while performing the tasks.

Flexible Return - It means the designation of a payment system or incentive plan which is based on attempt shown by the employees in the actual workstation.

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