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Raven Rigor

Raven Rigor

Raven Rigor is a young emerging Filipino actor, model, and social media influencer. He is best known for his lead role in the Filipines youth drama Beach Bros, his character name was Pete Resureccion.

Raven Rigor is one of the youngest members of ABS-CBN’s The Squad Plus, this article consists of brief details about Raven Rigor that including his biography, education, career, dramas and tv shows, relationships & personal life, languages, and his current net worth.

Raven Rigor Biography, Age, Height, and Weight

Raven Rigor was born on 30 January 2003 in the municipality of Victoria, Tarlac Philippines which is around 150 KM far from the Philippines's capital Manila. He was raised and acquired his initial and primary education in his hometown. Since his hometown is surrounded by natural resources such as hills and rivers, he loves adventure activities since his childhood.

Raven Rigor started his acting career in 2018 with a Filipino television drama named 'Mysterious Destiny', in which his character name was Mateo Panganiban, it was a supporting role.

  • Real Name: Kiel Raven Rigor
  • Professional Name: Raven Rigor
  • Birth Date: 30 January 2003
  • Birth Place: Victoria, Tarlac, Philippines
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Birth Sign: Unknown
  • Profession: Actor
  • Height: 177 CM
  • Weight: 65 Kg
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Agency: ABS-CBN

What are the Most Popular Dramas of Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor has just started his journey as an actor, he has done only a few dramas that are listed below. In the future, as he does more drama, movies, and tv shows we will list those here.

What are the Upcoming Dramas of Raven Rigor?

In this section, you can get the list of all upcoming dramas, movies, and tv shows by Raven Rigor. This section gets updated on a regular basis, so you can frequently check for any recent updates regarding upcoming dramas.

What are the Top Awards won by Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor is a very young actor, he has done only a few dramas so there is no mention of any award or nominations yet. Raven Rigor is an emerging star in the Filipino entertainment industry, In the future, we can expect some spectacular dramas from him

In the future, if Raven Rigor won any awards or received nominations, we will mention all of those here with brief details. As of now, there is no award or nominations received by him to mention here.

What is the Educational Qualification of Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor never revealed any information about his education, school, or college. We are in the process to retrieve authentic information about his educational qualifications, very soon we will update all his education-related information here.

  • School: Unknown
  • College: Unknown
  • Education: Unknown
  • University: Unknown

Who are the Parents and Family of Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor officially never disclosed any information about his family or relatives but according to our un-official resources, we have collected some information about his family such as about his mother, father, brother, sister, etc. Let's see who is in the family of Raven Rigor

  • Father: Nald Rigor
  • Mother: Nanette Rigor
  • Sister: Frances Therese Rigor

Raven Rigor's father's name is Nald Rigor, who works in the Municipality of Victoria Office of the Mayor /Treasury Department. We will update more details about his family very soon so keep checking for our updates.

What is the Current Net Worth of Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor is a newcomer to the Filipino entertainment industry.  Working as an actor and social media influencer is the primary resource of his earnings. He also earns money from modeling and commercials advertisements.

Raven Rigor officially never disclosed any information about his current net worth but according to unofficial resources, it is assumed that his current net worth is somewhere between $100K to $500K.

What is the Lifestyle, Car, and House of Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor is a charming and very friendly personality, he loves kids. In his free time, he often goes hiking with his friends. He loves his mother most in his family he is everyone's favorite in his family. Raven Rigor loves to be well connected with his fan via social media. Raven Rigor lives with his family in his parent's house.

Raven Rigor does not believe in a show-off, he loves to live simple life so he never disclosed any information about the car, home, and other luxury things that he owns.

What Languages does Raven Rigor speak?

Raven Rigor is a talented personality and he loves to learn different languages. Raven Rigor can speak and understand several languages although Filipino is his primary and mother language, he learned Filipino from his family and the society where he was born.

Raven Rigor uses English as his official and professional language, he is fluent in English speaking, reading, and writing. Rather than English he also knows some other foreign languages but he is not fluent in them as he is in English. As foreign languages, Raven Rigor is willing to learn Korean, Mandarin, Thai, and Hindi.

There are many regional languages that Raven Rigor can speak and understand such as the Tagalog language, he can speak and understand Tagalog.

Raven Rigor Languages

  • Filipino
  • English
  • Tagalog
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Hindi

Who is the Girlfriend of Raven Rigor?

The fans of Raven Rigor are curious to know about his girlfriend and his relationship. There are so much speculation and un-authentic information floating but today we are going to put a full stop to this topic. Some sources say that Raven Rigor is dating Francine Diaz who is his co-actress in the Filipino drama Dirty Linen but according to our relevant resources this is inaccurate information about them, they are not dating, they are just working together.

About the current status of Raven Rigor's girlfriend and relationship, he officially never revealed any information about his girlfriend and relationship. According to our relevant resources, he doesn't have a girlfriend and he is not dating anyone, as of now he just wants to focus on his career and established himself as a successful actor in the Filipino entertainment industry.

Raven Rigor Girlferind

Who is the Wife of Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor is unmarried so he doesn't have a wife, Once he gets married, we will disclose all information including her name and other personal and professional information so keep waiting for our updates.

Is Raven Rigor have Kids?

No, as of now Raven Rigor doesn't have any kids, even though he is not married yet.

Is there any Controversy Related to Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor is a very young actor and it's been a very short time since he started his career in the Filipino entertainment industry so till now he doesn't been in any controversy yet, in fact, Raven does not like to be in any controversy. In the future, if there is any controversy that arises with him, we will mention it here.

What is the Recent News About Raven Rigor?

Raven Rigor loves to always be connected with his fans via social media, he regularly updates his profile and shares all news that is happening with him, you can follow him on various social media platforms. As of now, there is no important news about him that can be mentioned here. If there is any important news about Raven Rigor, we will mention it here.

Raven Rigor Social Media Accounts

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