Which audio format is not supported by HTML5?


Atul Verma

HTML 5 is an advanced version of HTML 4. In HTML 5, some new tags are added and some unnecessary old ones are removed. There are too many Audio formats, such as mp3, acc, mp4, etc. Now the question is which audio format is not supported by HTML 5. Well, there is nothing like which audio format is not supported by HTML 5, HTML 5 supports all types of Audio formats but sometimes we see that some formats work in one browser and not in other browsers. It is a problem of the browser, not HTML 5, Why is this...

A browser is software in which we run a web page. There is coding for which type of audio format will be supported by that browser and which type not. If a browser is not coded to support some audio format then that format will not work in that browser, so it depends on the browser you use. Most browsers support all kinds of audio formats but some browsers don't.  for example, chrome supports all audio formats whereas Internet Explorer supports only mp3 and mp4 format audio.

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