What are the top questions asked in Fiserv interview?



Anup Verma, Data Scientist in Amazon

In Fiserv, sometimes they conduct 3 rounds and sometimes 4 rounds, basically, it depends on the number of candidates present for the interview on that day. General interview rounds are listed below.

1st Round - Online Test

In this round, they ask common aptitude questions, English questions. This round is an elimination round and you have to obtain a certain fix percentage which is around 60% to 70%.

2nd Round - Written Test

I can say this round is the toughest round in among all rounds. In this round, they will give you paper to write. In This round, they will ask to solve the puzzle questions and some other types of question form your core subjects like database, searching, shorting, algorithm writing etc.

 3rd Round - Face to Face Technical Round

If you are from IT background then be prepared in OOPS concept, they will ask most of the questions from OOPS concepts means be prepare in programming concepts and logic.

4th Round - HR Interview

This is the final round, in this round, they will ask normal HR interview questions like

Tell me something about yourself?

What do you know about Fiserv?

Why should I hire you?

How much salary do you expect?

Why do you want to join Fiserv? etc..

Thanks, Anup Verma

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