Can use span inside a span tag?


Mohit Verma

Use <span> Inside a <span> tag

Yes, you can use a <span> tag inside another <span> tag in HTML that is called nested <span> elements and when using nested <span> elements, it's essential to keep the structure clear and avoid excessive nesting. It's usually best to use nested <span> elements when you need to target or apply specific styles to specific parts of inline content, but for larger sections, it's better to use block-level elements like <div>.

The <span> element is an inline container and it is often used to group and apply styles to small portions of text or inline content. By using nesting <span> elements, you can create more granular groups for styling or targeting with CSS and JavaScript.

For Example

<span class="outer-span">

  This is some text with an <span class="inner-span">inner span</span> inside.


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