What is the basic HTML layout?

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Basic HTML Layout

Build a basic HTML layout by adding more elements, such as links, images, lists, tables, forms, and other HTML components, depending on the complexity of a web page. Here are some of the essential elements that help to design a basic HTML layout page.

Page Declaration

<!DOCTYPE> declaration that specifies the version of HTML.

Syntax Example of HTML elements

  • <!DOCTYPE html>
  • <html>: The root element that wraps the entire HTML content.
  • <head>: Contains meta-information about the document, such as the title, character encoding, and links to external resources.
  • <title>: Sets the title of the web page, which is displayed in the browser's title bar or tab.
  • <body>: Contains the visible content of the web page, including text, images, links, and other elements.

Syntax Example of HTML Page Layout

<!DOCTYPE html>



  <meta charset="UTF-8">

  <title>My Basic Web Page</title>



  <h1>Hello, World!</h1>

  <p>This is a basic HTML page layout.</p>



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