Turkish Series Dubbed in Farsi?



Turkish series dubbed in Farsi

Hi, my name is Rehan, I'm trying to find some Turkish series that are dubbed in Farsi but I'm not getting such television series. Does anyone know a list of a few good Turkish series dubbed in Farsi, I don't understand the Turkish language. I know many people are big fans of Turkish series they are also looking for the same thing If anyone knows kindly tell me, and also mention the link if it is possible.

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Hi Rehan,

I believe these are the BEST Turkish series there is.  

  1. Jazromad (Fanatastic)
  2. Sibe Mamnooe (Can be seen on IRTV.TV starting with page 16). Incan also be seen on GLWIZ but the name is different Michelle Mamnoe)-Amazing
  3. Ghorse Mah (so cute)
  4. Eshghe Tajamolati (Not bad)
  5. Zan (Serious show)

I guarantee that you will love the first 3 and the other 1 are just good shows.


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