What is the GDP of Maharashtra?


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maharashtra gdp
Maharashtra GDP

Maharashtra is an Indian state and it is also considered the financial capital of India. Maharashtra GDP is the highest GDP in Indian states. According to the annual report of 2017-18 Maharashtra GDP is Rs.24.11 lakh crore (US$340 billion). Maharashtra GDP ranks 1st in terms of GDP of India states.

In Maharashtra GDP per capita is Rs.176,102 (US$2,500) which ranks 11th in terms of other state's GDP per capita.

GDP By Sector

If we talk about the GDP of Maharashtra based on various sector then it is.

  • Agriculture: 15%
  • Industry: 28%
  • Services: 58%

This data is based on the 2017-18 annual report. Maharashtra GDP growth rate recorded as 2.8% by annual report 2019-20.

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra state, In Mumbai, there are headquarters of almost all banks, Financial Industries are there. 

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