Which software course is best in 2020?


Surya, IT Professional

Since we know the software industry changes very rapidly. A good software developer is that person who adopts those changes very quickly and most important thing, to adopt those changes it does not takes much effort if you are skilled in some programming languages. But if you are fresher and looking for career startup then selection of software course become important because as a fresher you will not get much time to learn numbers of software courses, you have to choose a stream. According to the current industry demand, I'm going to discuss some important software courses.

As a future software developer, you have to fallow two approaches. 

  1. Programming Language
  2. Database

1. Programming Language - 

This is the most important factor for your future, nowadays below listed programming languages are the most frequently programming languages by the companies. 

  • Java
  • Python
  • C#, VB.Net, Asp.net
  • C, C++

Before choosing programming language we should know about the scope and uses of programming languages here I'm going to give a short overview of this.

JAVA - It is the most used programming language in the software industry. It is used for software development, in Android applications and so many places.

Python - Python is also an old programming language, it is also used in software development but in future python will play a big role in software industries sectors like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence ( AI ).

2. Database - 

As a software developer, you should know about the Database concept because both are interconnected. If you are designing a project and if you don't know about the database concept then it will be very difficult to design the project. You can learn databases like MS-SQL, MySQL or Oracle. In these databases, MySQL is the most frequently used database. 

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