How to answer - why should we hire you?



Alka Patel

Why should we hire you? I have faced many interviews and yet I don't know what and how to answer this question, anyone who knows the answer to this question, please comment I really want to know that how to answer this question.

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Monika Thakur

As a fresher, If I have good capability to learn new technologies and company required technologies and able to fulfill all company requirements for a freshers job position, then definitely they should be hired to me (This is my opinion). And How to answer?

This is a good opportunity to show my skills and I know about this organization very well, your organization always preferred and promote to new skills and ideas, if you hire me they great opportunity to prove what am I?

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Ankur Thakur

Why should we hire you? This is the most frequent asked question in almost every HR interview. The other meaning of this question is " Why do you think you are fit for this job ", Now comes to the answer to this question. When HR asked this question, you hove to answer this question in such a way that you are selling your skills and qualities which makes you special for that job profile. You have to focus on only those skills and qualities which that job profile required, do not try to overflow other unnecessary skills which don't required for that job profile.

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nagendra singh

as a fresher , i am good learner. And this is good opportunity to show my skills and i know this technology very well. If you hire me  they great opportunity to prove what am i ?  

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