The Most Anticipated Upcoming Thai BL & GL Drama Series in 2023

Updated By: Manisha Verma

Upcoming Thai bl Series in 2023

Hey Guys, I'm Simi, I really love to watch the bl (Boys lover) series and hope that you guys also love to watch the bl series. So, here trying to maintain a list that guides you to find the best bl series to watch right now or in upcoming months in 2023.

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Full List of Upcoming & Ongoing Thai bl Series in 2023

This list has a total of 34 bl series and is maintained according to the month of February so maybe some series are currently released and some series may be ongoing.

  1. 23.5
  2. A Boss And A Babe
  3. Absolute Zero
  4. Art Adore En
  5. Be My Favorite
  6. Bitter Sweet
  7. Buddy Line Y Animal
  8. Cooking Crush
  9. Dangerous Romance
  10. Eye Contact
  11. Future
  12. Heart By Heart
  13. Hidden Agenda
  14. House Of Stars
  15. I Feel You Linger In The Air
  16. La Pluie
  17. Last Twilight
  18. Love At First Sight
  19. Love Syndrome
  20. Love Upon A Time
  21. Make A Wish
  22. Middleman’s Love
  23. Moments Of Love
  24. Naughty Babe
  25. Only Friends
  26. Our Skyy Season 2
  27. Step By Step
  28. The Next Prince
  29. The Theory
  30. Time
  31. Tin Tem Jai
  32. Wall Of Dawn
  33. Wish Me Luck
  34. Wish You Luck

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