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Vivek Pagare

MountBlue Technologies Pvt. Ltd. | IT Company

"MountBlue Technology works closely with high growth ventures to solve their entry-level tech hiring to create great engineers in coding boot camps, that are helmed by experienced software engineers and tech entrepreneurs."

Technologies Used "MountBlue Technologies"

  1. Node.JS
  2. Python Django
  3. Go (Language)
  4. ReactJS
  5. Java
  6. Android

Interview Process in MountBlue Technologies

MountBlue Technologies divided the interview round into three sections rounds, all-round name is mentioned in below. Actually 1st round is the most important round its coding round "they will ask you to attend the HanckerRank Test sample test where you need to solve two questions of program and one MCQ Question with a limited time duration appro 30 minutes.

If you solve that test then they will send you for face to face round after that HR round. Mostly, they will try to finish the Interview Process on the same day.

Coding & Face to Face Rounds

  • 1st - Coding Test same HackerRank test will be there with the different programming questions.
  • 2nd - Face To Face Technical Interview Round (Questions asked by string, array, matrix problems of intermediate difficulty, etc...)
  • 3rd - HR Interview Round

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