What are the top Mountblue Technologies interview questions?

Asked: Ravi Kumar


Laxmi Patel

I attended Mountblue Technologies interview 1.5 years back. It's was a walking interview and we were around 25 to 30 candidates. There were total 5 rounds, I'm going through details one by one.

1st Round - 

It was a paper pain test. In this test, there were 20 questions and 1 hour time. Questions were from aptitude, programming concept and database ( sql ). It was an easy question paper. Around 10 to 12 candidates were cleared this round. 

2nd Roud -

This round was also quite easy, it was a communication round, in this round they given 5 topics in which you had to choose one and you had to speak on that topic for 5 minutes.

After this round, they said that you all can leave for the day, if you get selected then you will be called for next round another day.

3rd Round - 

After 3 days I got a phone call from Mountblue Technologies for the next round. Next day I reached there on the time, It was a system test. In this test, there were 7 questions from SQL database based on joining, trigger and some normal store procedure based question. To clear this round I had to correct minimum 4 questions with the correct output. I did 5 questions correct so in this way I cleared 3rd round. there was no time limit in this round.

4th Round -

On the same day when I cleared 3rd round, they conducted face to face technical round, In that round, they asked some oops concept, every part of SQL. After 45 minutes of the interview, they said to me to wait for some time in the waiting hall. A few minutes later they informed me that I got rejected in this round, so this was the end of my interview round in Mountblue Technologies. 

Imp - That time they were hiring for SQL Developer.

My suggestion -

If you are going to attend Mountblue Technologies interview then try to prepare the basics concept with practical knowledge very strongly. Thanks..  

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