The main lessons I learned about dating while traveling

dating while traveling

Traveling the world and experiencing other cultures is an amazing way to discover yourself and reach new levels of happiness. Of course, spicing up your exotic adventure with a little bit of romance is even better. So, dating while on a trip abroad is something to consider. Just keep in mind that things are not always as rosy as they seem, especially when you`re in a foreign country and don’t quite understand the local customs and social rules.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom I picked up while I was meeting interesting people on my journeys that all travelers should keep in mind:

Lesson #1 – Online dating helps you find dates abroad

When you just arrive at a city you’ve never visited before, it can be difficult to find company. That’s why you should prepare before you start your trip and contact some locals through dating apps. Having a hot date waiting for you can save you a lot of time. Also, the people you meet online can direct you to the best nightlife spots where you can find a date.

Lesson #2 – Long-distance relationships can work in the digital age

Many people worry that you can’t maintain a relationship with someone who lives in another country, but I don’t believe that’s true today. With so many digital communication tools available, staying in touch is not very hard. For frequent travel singles that like to come back to a favorite place, it’s perfectly possible to have a partner who lives in that location.

Lesson #3 – You can learn a new language while dating

The best method to practice a foreign language is to have someone whisper sweet things in your ear. You can learn new words from your partner, and even more importantly, have someone you trust to correct you when you make a silly mistake. Learning from a native speaker is, of course, much better than reading a book, as you get to hear the language in its most natural form.

Lesson #4 – Finding a travel mate is hard but worth it

Traveling alone can wear you down, especially if you are naturally a sociable person. That’s why having someone to follow you on your journey makes every moment special. This counts double if you are traveling with a romantic partner who understands your wanderlust. However, don’t pick up a travel mate just to have one, or you might regret that you didn’t take off solo! 

Lesson #5 – Dating people from other cultures is fun

Cultural differences can present problems when you are trying to bond with someone, but if you manage to find common ground, the relationship could be extremely fruitful. Being with someone who was raised in a completely different way and saw the world with different eyes can teach you that your perspective is not absolute. This experience will certainly spur you to develop in a new direction.

Bonus tip – Staying safe while dating abroad

It’s all fun and games until it isn’t, and you should always be very alert when you`re meeting someone for the first time. It’s imperative to do your homework and research the cultural norms of the country you are visiting so that you know how to act without endangering your safety. It’s highly recommended that you meet people in public places and, if possible, have someone know your location at all times. Thanks to social networks and live streaming that shouldn’t be hard to do in this day and age. Use these tips, and you can easily combine travel and dating with your partner!

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