The Difference Between Persuasive and Expository Essays: Does It Exist and Where to Seek It

LAST READ: FEB 23 2024 | Author: LIZA JACOB

It is probably well-known globally that people have been always trying to seek comparisons between different things. It often leads to some sort of a competition where many individuals can enjoy. It can be said that it is in our nature to constantly find contrasts, similarities, and differences among the things we are interested in. Essays are not an exception. Although there are dozens of types of essays people like to write, we will be focusing on two particular ones: persuasive and expository ones. Before the very beginning, it wouldn’t be bad to mention that these essays are actually very alike and have a lot in common. Hence, it may sound impossible to find a sufficient number of things that can separate them. But we will give our best to provide you with enough data that can be useful to you about this topic. 


First Of All, What Connects Them?

Before we go into deeper details about where you can find differences between the two types of essays above, let’s have a quick look at what makes them close first. Persuasive vs expository essay can be frequently described as a battle of titans like we can usually see in sports events. Experts and writers often like to compare them just because they have many similarities and are not totally different. Sometimes we need to search about things that link multiple objects first before we can judge their divergence. So, speaking of it, the most important thing that makes those types of essays similar is the point of persuading others in their credibility and quality. You have probably sometimes encountered some speeches of leaders or kings in movies, books, or from our history. It is easily noticeable that their point is always just to convince people, readers or listeners, into that speech's reliability. Well, that’s what connects expository and persuasive essays the most. When we found out that, let’s get focused now on what makes them different.

Point Of View Can Differ

Something that characterizes an essay writing service, or simply essay writing in general, is the point of view it represents. It can vary depending on the author, of course, but writers often do their job according to the type of essay they have to work on. Thus, they will always strive to deliver content that follows the rules and usual structures that a specific type of essay requires. With that in mind, we can easily conclude that the authors’ point of view will be affected by this writing strategy. When it comes to that, expository essays’ point of view is oftentimes represented differently than the one in persuasive ones. Do you wonder how? Well, to simply put, expository essays are typically written in a manner to provide you with brief explanations about some possible events or subjects. And additionally, it can be supported by readers’ thinking about it too. On the other hand, persuasive essays are more oriented towards presenting a point of view where the opinions of others are irrelevant or have no big influence. It is strictly focused on providing them with convincing data that cannot be refuted by any means. That’s simply how these essays are presented, more or less. 

The Tone

Writing tutoring is very useful for young writers or students who would like to get themselves involved with writing at some point in their lives. And because of it, the tone is something they will usually try not to neglect. Totally the opposite. We all know how the tone of writing is important for any writer, professional or amateur. It is something that can shape the entire text of an author. According to that, we can’t pass through our comparison between expository and persuasive essays without touching it. Therefore, another thing that differentiates these types of essays is the tone they are written on. Namely, the biggest gap in the tone of these essays can be found in their formality. Persuasive essays are commonly written in an informal and more personal way while expository ones are more formal. For those who perhaps can’t fully understand, formal texts are written according to the rules of a convention that are suitable for some relevant occasion. Informal ones are represented in a friendly and relaxed manner and it can be described as casual. This itself makes a huge difference between expository and persuasive essays.

Spreading Of Information

Naturally, when an author writes a piece of text, he would like its message, or at least the information he has mentioned, to be spread with ease. It means that if the text contains important data, its readers can detect, understand, and share further its value without struggling. And that is exactly something that differs expository from persuasive essays. How? Persuasive ones are written to persuade you in their credibility but will not provide you with many facts or unnecessary information. Expository ones are however more related to that and through them, facts and reliable data can be easily disseminated. But we should be aware of the fact that expository essays can be written in several ways which can help share relevant data. Some experts consider this as the biggest gap between the mentioned essay types.


Unfortunately, this article may not be enough to cover all the differences between persuasive and expository essays, but we tried to get close to your ones that make the largest gap. Through these things, we can see how these essays can differ despite the many similarities they possess. It's like twins, so similar outside but again so different from the inside.

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