What is the difference between article and section?


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<article> And <section> Tags in HTML

The <article> and <section> tags in HTML are both structural elements used to divide and organize content on an HTML webpage, and they have similarities.

Difference Between <article> and <section> Tags

<article> Tag

  • The <article> tag is used to represent a self-contained, complete, and independently distributable piece of content.
  • The content within the <article> tag should make sense on its own and be able to be distributed and understood independently from the rest of the webpage.
  • Mostly the <article> is used in news articles, blog posts, forum posts, or user-generated content that can be syndicated or shared as a complete unit.

<section> Tag

  • The <section> tag is used to group related content together.
  • The content within the <section> tag may or may not be self-contained, but it should share a common theme or purpose.
  • Mostly the <section> is used in grouping together sections of a long document, organizing content into separate parts, or creating distinct sections within a webpage layout.

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