Which are the top coding questions asked in Aptean?

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Anurag Verma

I have attended Aptean Interview one year back and I was selected Aptean, but at the same time period I got my joining letter from Capgemini, so I joined Capgemini instead of Aptean. Here I’m going to share my Aptean interview experience and type of coding question asked in Aptean. 

Aptean Interview Rounds –

There were total 5 rounds, in which 2nd round was quite tough in comparison to the other four rounds.

Round 1

This round was a quick aptitude test, In this round, there were total of 50 questions and time was less than half-hour ( 22 minutes ). The questions were easy but you have to be quick to clear this round.

Round 2

This round was quite tough, but if you have command on your core subject then there will be no issue to solve such questions. In this round there were 24 questions and time was 1.5 hours ( 90 min ), try to prepare algorithms, data structure, digital logic and design concepts and other core computer subjects to clear this round.

Round 3

After 2nd round they asked me to wait for their response, they said to me if you are selected in 2nd round then, you will be receive an email for the next round within 2 weeks. Luckily I got an email after 6 days for the next round, which was a face to face technical round. Since I was selected for the software developer role, they asked me to write some algorithms, some programs and they asked some programming and database concepts.

To clear this round ( for software developer role ) must prepare searching, shorting algorithms, joining, trigger, stored procedure, SQL Injection, OOPS concept, etc.

Note – If you are selected for testing profile then you have to be prepared in testing sections.

Round 4

This was a Manager technical face to face round, it was quite similar like 3rd round, you do not need to do any extra effort to clear this round, all you have to maintain your confidence while talking with manager, they will observe your behavior in different – different situation for example suddenly they can say that you are rejected and then they will notice your body language and face expression, so be careful in this round for unexpected questions and behave normal and relax in all situation.

Round 5

This is an HR round, basically, this round is just for formality, they will check your communication skills, and they will ask for your salary expectations, etc. This is an easy round, I’m sure if you are in this round, you will be selected.

Thanks, Good Luck…!!!  

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