What are the advantages of group working?

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Pradeep Soni

Advantages of Group Working 

The growth of self-direction cross-functional teams has influenced decision-making processes and organizational structures. The management theory likes to propound that every type of organizational structure needs to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions, new procedures have started to emerge that work best with teams. Including some important points:

Less Unidirectional - Up until recently, decision making flowed in one direction.

Greater Range of Information - Cross-functional teams require a wide range of information to reach their decisions.

Greater Depth of Information - Cross-functional teams require information from all levels of management

Cover a Greater Range of Users - Cross-functional teams consist of people from many parts of an organization.

Less Teleological - Since the publication of peter Drucker's views on "Management By Objectives", business decision-making has become more goal-oriented.

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