What is the general syllabus of AMCAT exam?

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Shihash Mathur

General Syllabus of AMCAT

The Amcat exam for the general section is divided into four major parts as Computer Programming, Basic Physics, Basic Chemistry, and Basic Biology.

Computer Programming

The module is ideal to evaluate entry-level talents exposure and expertise in Computer Programming. This module is agnostic to programming languages and does not require the candidates to code during the test.

Questionn & Time Duration


  • Number of Questions: 25
  • Time Duration: 35 Min

Syllabus of Computer Programming

  • Basic Programming - Data Types, Iteration, Recursion, Decision, Procedure, functions & scope
  • Data Structures - Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs, Stacks, Queues, Hash Tables, Heaps, Searching & Sorting
  • OOPs - Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Complexity Theory

Basic Physics

The physics module requires a candidate to apply the principles and laws, involved in various topics such as Newton's laws, Electromagnetic theories, etc to real-world situations.

Questions & Time Duration

  • Number of Questions: 22
  • Time Duration: 20 Min

Syllabus of Physics

  • Classical Mechanics - Kinematics and Dynamics, Rotational and Fluid Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves
  • Electromagnetism - Electrostatics, Magnetostatics and electrodynamics, Optics
  • Thermodynamics and Modern Physics - Thermal Physics, Nuclear & Particle physics

Basic Chemistry

The chemistry module assesses the candidates on the various laws, theories & principles governing the various physical phenomena in chemistry.

Questions & Time Duration

  • Number of Questions: 18
  • Time Duration: 15 Min

Syllabus of Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry - Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, Gaseous state, Chemical thermodynamics, Chemical & ionic equilibrium, Solutions and colligative properties, Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics
  • Inorganic Chemistry - Periodic table and periodic properties s, p and d-block elements, Coordination compounds
  • Organic Chemistry - Purification and characterization of organic compounds, Types of organic reactions

Basic Biology

It indicates the basic biology knowledge of biology includes the topics like Medical Representative, Nurse, Scientist, Research and Development, etc.

Questions & Time Duration

  • Number of Questions: 22
  • Time Duration: 16 Min

Syllabus of Biology

  • Basic Anatomy - Brain and skeleton, Muscular system and alimentary canal, Respiratory and cardiac system
  • Physiology-1 (Head and Thorax) - Brain and pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid glands, Neuro-transmission, Respiration, Lymphatic system & complete blood system
  • Physilogy-2 (Below Thorax) - Endocrine glands and gastrointestinal tract, Adrenals, pancreas, testes and ovary, Urinary system, Reproductive system

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