How do you create a table in HTML?

By: Shwati HK | 18 May 2019


Shuresh Verma

30 April 2020

What is an HTML table?

An HTML table is a combination of multiple tags like <table>, <thead>, <tbody>, <tr>, <th>, <td>, and <tfoot> tags. All upper listed tags are used in between the <table> open_tag and </table> close_tag. 

For more understanding OR more information about table tag with table syntax and how to create a HTML table; So, see the HTML table syntax example below:

Important HTML Table Tags To Create A Perfect HTML Table LIke -

  • <table> </table> -- TABLE tag is used to start OR define a HTML table
  • <thead> </thead> -- THEAD tag used to Define TABLE head
  • <tbody> </tbody> -- TBODY tag used to Define TABLE body
  • <tr> </tr> -- TR tag used to Define TABLE row
  • <th> </th> -- TH tag used to Define TABLE row heading
  • <td> </td> -- TD tag used to Define TABLE columns
  • <tfoot> </tfoot> -- TFOOT tag used to Define TABLE footer

Syntax of HTML Table OR How to create an HTML Table:


<thead>Table head section</thead>


    <tr> // Open_tag of table row

        <th>cotent for row header section...</th>

        <td>cotent for row column section...</td>

    </tr> // Close_tag of table row


<tfoot> // Open_tag of table footer


        <td>cotent for footer section...</td>


</tfoot> // Close_tag of table footer


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