What is the net worth of Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan?

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Jerry Yan Current Net Worth

Jerry Yan | Net Worth

Jerry Yan is a magnificent Taiwanese actor, model, and singer. Jerry Yan has done many remarkable movies and series such as Count Your Lucky Stars, Meteor Garden, Loving, Never Forgetting. Yan professionally started his career in 2000 from the 'Spicy Teacher' television series, but he gains popularity from tv series Meteor Garden 1 that was released in 2001. There are many interesting things to know about Jerry Yan, before knowing Jerry Yan Net Worth, let's know more about Jerry Yan.

Jerry Yan Short Details

Jerry Yan Movies and Tv Shows

As I earlier said, Jerry Yan, started his professional career in 2000 from the 'Spicy Teacher' television series. Jerry Yan started his acting career at the age of 23 years but as a model and singer, he was quite active. As a professional actor, model, and singer Jerry Yan worked in Taiwan's entertainment industry as well as the Chinese entertainment industry. Below I'm going to mention some top movies and Tv shows, let's go through the list.

  • Count Your Lucky Stars
  • Meteor Garden
  • Loving, Never Forgetting
  • My Best Ex-Boyfriend
  • Down with Love
  • Meteor Garden II
  • Lan Qiu Huo
  • Because Of Love
  • See Complete List: See Complete List With Year

Jerry Yan Current Net Worth 2020-21

Jerry Yan working in the entertainment industry as an actor, model, and singer for the last 20 years. He has done more than 20+ movies and Tv shows. He has won more than 8 awards in various fiend including acting and singing. His song album F4 is a very popular music album, it is popular worldwide. There is no official information available about the eject current net worth of Jerry Yan, I have researched this and gone through various unofficial sources I found that the estimated current net worth of Jerry Yan is somewhere between ( $80 million - $100 million ) USD as of 2020-21. If there are any official details available then I will reupdate the details.

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