GATE Exam Syllabus 2020-2021

GATE Syllabus 2020

IIT Delhi is conducting GATE 2020 and the institute will release the detailed exam pattern of the test.

GATE 2020 exam syllabus for all 25 papers including the newly added paper of Biomedical Engineering is available in GATE portal.

The Candidates made a new addition to GATE 2020 in the form of Biomedical Engineering apart from the 24 existing papers.

GATE 2020 Exam Pattern

Total 25 paper will be released by IIT Delhi at the official webside for GATE 2020 exam pattern; before appearing in the examination, candidates must be well aware of the syllabus and GATE Exam Pattern.

Paper Code CE, CS, EC, EE, IN, ME, AE, AG, BT, CH, MN, MT, TF, XE, PE, ST, PI and BM
AR, CY, EY, XL, GG, MA and PH
Exam Pattern General Aptitude (GA) – 15%
Engineering Mathematics – 15%
Subject of the Paper – 70%
General Aptitude (GA) – 15%
Subject of the Paper – 85%
Total Marks 100

GATE 2020 is scheduled to be held on February 1, 2, 8 and 9 in online mode. This year, Biomedical Engineering is added as a new paper in GATE exam.

General Aptitude (GA) is a common section in all GATE Papers, General Aptitude holds 15% weightage. The General Aptitude questions are based on VERBAL ABILITY and NUMERICAL ABILITY.

General Aptitude Topics

Verbal Ability English Grammer
Sentence Completion
Verbal Analogies
Word Groups
Instructions and Assumptions
Critical Reasoning
Verbal Deduction
Coding-Decoding and Series
Blood Relation
Clocks and Puzzles
Numerical Ability Fundamentals, Equations, Percentage, and Averages
Ratio and Proportions
Mixture and Allegations
Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
Time, Speed, and Distance | Time and Work
Set Theory and Venn Diagrams
Progression, Functions, and Graphs
Logarithm’s, Permutations and Combinations
Probability, Geometry, and Mensuration

Negative Marking GATE 2020 Exam

1/3 Mark will be deducted for 1 mark question 2/3 Mark will be deducted for 2 mark question.

Computer Science Engineering Syllabus 2020

Computer Science Topics Total Marks Computer Science Topics Total Marks
Theory Of Computation 7.5 Operating System (Processes, Threads, Deadlock, CPU,Memory, etc.) 9
Digital Logic 5.25 Database (SQL: Model, Constraints, Forms, File Organization, Indexing,etc.) 7.5
Computer Organization & Architecture 9 Computer Networks [Switching, IPv4/IPv6, Routers, TCP/UDP, Control, Protocols (DNS, SMTP, POP, FTP, HTTP), etc.] 7.5
Programming & Data Structure 10.5 Software Engineering/ Web Technologies 1.5
Algorithms 8 Engineering Mathematics 14.75
Compiler Design 2.75 General Aptitude 15

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus 2020

Mechanical Engineering Topics Total Marks Mechanical Engineering Topics Total Marks
Engineering Mechanics 2.5 Thermodynamics 12.75
Strength of Materials 7.75 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1.25
Theory of Mechanics 9 Manufacturing Engineering 14.25
Machine Design 3.75 Industrial Engineering 8
Fluid Mechanics 7.5 Engineering Mathematics 12.25
Heat Transfer 6 General Aptitude 15

Electrical Engineering Syllabus 2020

The Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Electrical Engineering Topics Total Marks Electrical Engineering Topics Total Marks
Network Theory 11.75 Analog & Digital Electronics 11.25
Signal and System 5.25 EMT 2.75
Electrical Machines 8.25 Power Electronics 7.5
Power Systems 9.75 Control Systems 9
Elecrical and Electronics Measurements 4.55
Engineering Mathematics 11.75 General Aptitude 15

Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus 2020

Instrumentation Engineering Topics Total Marks Instrumentation Engineering Topics Total Marks
Analog Circuits 11.75 Circuits and Networks 10.25
Analytical Biomedical & Optical Intrumentation 4.25 Process Controls 1.5
Communication 1.5 Signals and Systems 7.75
Control System 10.75 Transducers 12.25
Digital Circuits 7 Engineering Mathematics 11.75
Measurements 6.25 General Aptitude 15

Civil Engineering Exam Syllabus 2020

The Civil Engineering basically, belong to design, construction, and maintenance of physical and naturally build structures like roads, canals, etc.

Civil Engineering Topics Total Marks Civil Engineering Topics Total Marks
SOM 7.75 Design of Steel Structures 4.25
Structural Analysis 3.5 Highway and Surveying 12
GEO-Technical 15.25 Environment Engineering 9
FM and Hydraulic Machine 6.75 Irrigation and Hydrology 7.75
RCC and Pre-stressed concrete 6.5
Engineering Mathematics 12.25 General Aptitude 15

Electronics & Communication Engineering Syllabus 2020

Electronics & Communication Topics Total Marks Electronics & Communication Topics Total Marks
Network Theory 11.25 Communication Systems 10.75
Micro Processors 1.5 EMT 9.5
Analog Circuits 11.75 Digital Circuits 6
Signal and Systems 9 Control Systems 9
Electronics Devices and Circuits 7.25
Engineering Mathematics 10.5 General Aptitude 15

Recommended Books For GATE Exam

General Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude by 'R.S AGARWAL'
Quantitative Aptitude by 'ARUN SHARMA'
Engineering Mathematics Advanced Engineering Mathematics by 'ERWIN KREYSZIG'
Discrete Mathematics & Applications by 'KENNETH ROSEN'


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