eLitmus Syllabus 2021-2022

Information for Test Takers

pH Test is an aptitude test. It is a pen & paper test and no longer administered online.

The test is designed to be completed in two hours, and often has three sections:

Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical but there could be changes in this structure from time to time, as our testing experts continually fine-tune and evolve the test, in their constant effort to draw the best measure of your true ability.

  • Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions.
  • The maximum marks is 600.

eLitmus Test 2020-2021

The questions in each section are objective in nature with multiple choices, and are categorized into several levels of difficulty. Your final score will reflect not only the number of questions that you have answered correctly, but also their difficulty level, and on how your peers have fared on the same questions.

The test measures a broad range of skills that you have gained throughout your education. It does not test your proficiency in any specific areas or subjects. It presumes only a familiarity with high school level mathematics, and some proficiency in essential English language skills. All required formulae are provided in the question paper.

The test uses a unique handicap based negative marking approach. You are encouraged to read sections pertaining to pH Test, Why evaluations fail and pH Test Demystified.

Some Important Points

  • How to prepare for eLitmus Exam?
  • Find eLitmus exam dates and exam centres list.
  • Find elitmus syllabus for your branch (CSE, ECE, EEE,IT, Mechanical, Civil etc.
  • Collect sample elitmus papers or previous year question papers.
  • Practice online mock tests

eLitmus Syllabus 2020-2021

Topics Questions Syllabus
Quantitative_Aptitude 20 Geometry, Speed, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Number System, Probability, Permutation and Combinations, Miscellaneous Questions
Reasoning 20 Seating Arrangement, Tabular data, Cryptarithmetic, Data Sufficiency Questions
Verbal_Ability 20 Reading Comprehension, Jumbled Paragraph, Vocabulary Based Quastions, Fill in Blanks, Miscellaneous Questions

eLitmus Test Locations

S.No. Location S.No. Location
1. Bangalore 2. Chennai
3. Delhi 4. Hyderabad
5. Kolkata 6. Mumbai, Pune
7. Cochin 8. Chandigarh
9. Madhurai 10. Bhopal
11. Lucknow 12. Mangalore

About eLitmus Exam

eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited is an Indian company that helps companies in hiring employees for entry-level jobs. It was founded 28th March, 2005 by former employees of Infosys. Some of the Fortune companies hire their employees through the pH test conducted by eLitmus.

It was promoted by IT recruitment firm Browse Consulting India Pvt Ltd. In its first year of operation, 53 companies, including Fortune 500 companies such as Dell and General Electric hired through pH Test.

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