Phrases For HR Interview

How can I help you? I'll be with you in a moment
What time is our meating? Please call me at .........
I'm (just) about to (verb) ....... I really appreciate
What do you think? Oh! never mind
Thanks for everything That's not right Or That's right
Do you know where HR cabin? I speak two languages
Could you repeat that please? Could you please talk slower?
How do you spell that? What do you like to do (in your free time)?
Do you have facebook? Can you translate this for me?
If you need my help, please let me know Could you wait a minute, I'm busy now
May I speak to Mr. (subject) please? Please fill out this form
Please write it dowm Where would you like to meet?
Are you going to attend their meeting? Where did you learn it?
Are you comfortable?

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