English Phrases Used in Traveling

I have a reservation I'll pay for dinner
Is there any call for me? Where can I buy tickets?
Where can I rent a car? Can I borrow some money?
I'd like to use the internet I still have to brush my teeth and take a shower
Thanks for everything They are planning to come next year
What do you see in the picture? I speak two languages
Are you comfortable? How much does this cost?
I need to practice my English Do you have anything cheaper?
Can you recommend a good restaurant please? I'd like a single room
It's near the supermarket He said this is a nice place
Those man are speaking English What did you have for breakfast?
Should be back in two hours When would you like to meet?
Can I use your phone? Do you have the number for a taxi?
How long are you going to stay? I usually drink coffee at brekfast
Please take me to this address When are you going to pick up your friend?

A To Z "English Word Meaning"

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