Off-campus Drive

off campus drive

Off-campus Drive is a drive when a company hires in bulk number of employee in a very short time period. Off-Campus, Recruitment is the fastest way of hiring, in off-campus placement mostly hiring process completed within a single day. Here we are going to list all city and companies list, by clicking on companies or city you can see all upcoming off campus drives list in that company or city.

To choose company or city scroll down a little bit, first you will get city list, if you want to see off-campus drive based on the city then choose any city or scroll some little bit more below you will find all companies list, click on the company name to see all upcoming drives of that company.

Most the companies follow below listed off-campus recruitment process to hire candidates, but it may vary from company to company.

  • Online Test
  • Technical / Core subject round
  • HR Round

Most of the companies finish all placement rounds in a single day and at the end of the day the release offer letter to the selected candidates. So let’s see what are the upcoming off campus drives.

Drive by Location

Get off-campus drive based on city, kindly select city to see upcoming off campus drive in your city.

Drive By Companies

Get off-campus drive based on companies, kindly select a company to see all upcoming off-campus drive.


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