HTML Frames

HTML Frames contains a web-page in each cell which called frame and collections of all frames in a web-page is called frame set.

Now days HTML Frames are not in use because HTML5 doesn’t support HTML Frames but knowledge about HTML Frames is important. We use HTML Frames to divide a browser-window in many section and each section contain different web page. We can assume HTML frame as a table, in a table there are many sells.

HTML Frames Syntax

<frameset cols="20%,40%,*">
   <frame src="html_page1.html">
   <frame src="html_page2.html">
   <frame src="html_page3.html">


In above example the html element frameset element contains 3 frames, which are dividing the whole browser-window in 3 parts with area 20%,40% and ‘*’ means remaining which is 40% so our whole browser window will be divided in 3 parts. We are passing html_page1.html to first part I.e. 20%, html_page2.html to second frame which is 40% and for remaining last we are passing html_page3.html which is also 40%. These 3 pages will display in browser window independently.

Note : It’s totally depends on us how many frame we are creating within a frameset, we can create any number of frame but while creating frames we have to be careful with frameset cols attribute, it should be in proper ratio as frames.

Problem with HTML Frames

There are many problems with HTML Frames, we are going to list all of them below, due to listed reason we don’t recommend you to use HTML Frames.

  • The biggest disadvantage of HTML Frame is that, HTML5 does not support it.
  • Different resolution of screen can have different effects.
  • Now days most of browser doesn’t support HTML Frames.
  • Your bowser back button may behave uncreatively.

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