<td> tag in HTML

The <td> tag is used to specify a single data cell in an HTML table. The <td> element data cells must be used as child elements of a parent <tr> element.

Important Description

  • The <td> elements are left-aligned by default, use CSS properties to.
  • Open and close tag required of <td> element.

Example of <td> tag

<td> Tag Browser Support

Element Chrome Edge Firefox Safari Opera
<td> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Global Attributes

Event Attributes


The "abbr", "align", "axis", "bgcolor", "char", "charoff", "height", "nowrap", "scope", "valign", and "width" attributes are not supported in HTML5:

Attribute Value Description
colspan number Colspan attribute specifies the number of columns a cell should span
headers header_id Header attribute specifies one or more header cells a cell is related to
rowspan number Rowspan attribute sets the number of rows a cell should span

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