<menuitem> tag in HTML5

The <menuitem> tag used to represents a command that a user is able to invoke through a popup menu.

Important Definition

  • The <menuitem> tag removed from HTML5.
  • Some browsers might still support the <menuitem> tag.
  • Open and close tag required of <menuitem>.

Example of <menuitem> tag

<menuitem> Tag Browser Support

Element Chrome Edge Firefox Safari Opera
<menuitem> Not supported Not supported 8.0 (for context menus) Not supported Not supported

Global Attributes

Event Attributes


Attribute Value Description
checked checked Set that the command/menu item should be checked when the page loads. Only for type="radio" or type="checkbox"
default default Marks the command OR menu item as being a default command
disabled disabled Set that the command/menu item should be disabled
icon URL Used to provide a picture to represent the command, image URL.
label text Specifies the name of the command/menu item, as shown to the user, Required
radiogroup groupname Specifies the name of the group of commands that will be toggled when the command/menu item itself is toggled. Only for type="radio"
type checkbox, command, radio Type attribute indicates the kind of command.

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