<figure> tag in HTML5

The <figure> tag used to designate an area of self-contained content that does not affect the main flow of the article. The <figure> tag is new in HTML5.

Important Description

  • The <figure> tag useful with items like - image, section of computer code, diagrams, chart, table, and illustrations.
  • The <figcaption> tag use to defines a caption for a <figure> element.
  • Open and close tag is required in <figure>.

Syntax Example of <figure> tag

   <img src="Pass__image_URL" alt=" " />

Example of <figure> tag

Result Look Like

Duck Bird Image
Fig.1 Duck Bird Images with figcation tag

<figure> Tag Browser Support

Element Chrome Edge Firefox Safari Opera
<figure> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Version 6.0 9.0 4.0 5.0 11.1

Global Attributes

Event Attributes

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