<applet> tag in HTML

The <applet> tag used to embed the Java applet in an HTML document.

Important Description

  • The <applet> tag is not supported in HTML5.
  • Use <embed> or <object> tag instead of <applet> tag in HTML5.
  • Open and close tag required of <applet>.

Example of <applet> Tag

<applet> Tag Browser Support

The <applet> tag is supported in Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions, using a plug-in.

Element Chrome Edge Firefox Safari Opera
<applet> Not supported Not supported Yes Yes Not supported

Global Attributes

Event Attributes


Attribute Value Description
code URL Specifies the file name of a Java applet
alt text Display alternative text in case browser does not support Java
object name Define a reference to a serialized representation of an applet
align left
Specifies the position of applet application relative to surrounding content
width pixels Specifies the width of an applet
height pixels Specifies the height of an applet

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