<a> tag in HTML

The <a> tag used to create a hyperlink with the help of href attribute. The href attribute is used to define the address of the file to be linked.

The hyperlink is usually a link to another document OR link one page to another webpage OR provide another location link within the same webpage, etc.

Important Description

  • Use the <a> tag to link text or images.
  • These attributes - download, hreflang, media, rel, target, and type cannot be present if the href attribute is not present.
  • A linked page is normally displayed in the current browser window, unless you specify another target.

Example of <a> tag

Result Look Like

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<a> Tag Browser Support

All old and modern browsers are support <a> tag to display the link:

Element Chrome Edge Firefox Safari Opera
<a> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Global Attributes

Event Attributes

Attributes with description

Attribute Value Description
href URL A hyperlink can link to pages on your own domain, to other websites, or to a file
hreflang language_code Language code of the destination URL.
download filename Directs the browser to download the linked resource rather than opening it.
target _blank
Specifies where to open the linked document
type media_type Specifies the media type of the linked document
media media_query Specifies what media/device the linked document is optimized for
ping list_of_URLs Specifies a space-separated list of URLs to which, when the link is followed, post requests with the body ping will be sent by the browser

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